10 products from Venezuela that you can find in the U.S.

products from Venezuela that you can find in the United States

Do you miss the taste and products from Venezuela at United StatesDon't worry, we'll tell you how to find them!

Leave Venezuela means saying goodbye to flavors and aromas that evoke childhood memories, family celebrations and special moments. However, all is not lost. 

Thanks to the growing Venezuelan community in the United Stateshave been opened, a large number of stores specialized in Venezuelan products throughout the country. 

In addition, many supermarket chains now offer a selection of international productsincluding some Venezuelan food staples.

In cities such as Miami, Orlando, Houston and New Yorkproducts, it is easier to find products such as P.A.N. flour, Venezuelan coffee and rum, due to the great affluence of our community. 

But, if you live in a less populated city, it doesn't matter, even in these places there are ways to get them.

In this article, we will present you with a list of 10 products from Venezuela that you can find in the U.S.The following are some practical tips on how to buy them. 

Join us on this journey through the Venezuelan cuisine and find out where you can find these products that will make you feel more connected to your culture and roots.

Flavors of Venezuela in the USA: Discover where to find the 10 Venezuelan products that will transport you to your home country

Venezuelan products in the United States

Whether you're looking for ingredients to prepare a special meal, or you want to enjoy a special meal, you'll find it in the familiar taste; this list will be very useful for you to be able to enjoy some of the flavors of Venezuela no matter where in the United States you find yourself.

P.A.N. flour

The P.A.N. flour. is more than just a simple kitchen product, it is an emblem of the Venezuelan culture and a fundamental pillar in the gastronomy of the country.

Its origin dates back to 1960when the company Polar Companies created it for the purpose of to simplify the process of making arepasa staple food in the Venezuelan diet.

Where to find it?

Find P.A.N. flour. at United States is easier than you think.

You can do it in stores specializing in Latin productsas Sedano's, Bravo Supermarkets y Fiesta Mart. 

Or, there are some conventional supermarkets, like Walmart, Kroger and Publix, which include sections on international productswhere you can find P.A.N. flour.

A word of advice, if you don't find it on the shelves, don't hesitate to ask an employee, as some of them have international products may be in specific locations or have limited quantities.

Savoy Chocolate

The Savoy Chocolate is not just a candy, it is a product that has conquered the Venezuelans' palate from generation to generation.

From 1941, its irresistible products have delighted children and adults alike, making it one of the world's most popular most beloved and recognized brands in the country.

The secret of its success lies in its unparalleled flavor. Made with Venezuelan cocoa high quality, each bar, bonbon or candy Savoy offers a unique sensory experience. 

Its creamy texture and authentic taste transport you to the paradisiacal landscapes of Venezuela, where it is born the best cocoa in the world.

Where can I buy it?

At United States, achieve Savoy Chocolate can be a bit complicated, but not impossible. 

As in the P.A.N. flouryou can get it at stores specializing in Venezuelan products.

But, in case you can't find it, you can always resort to buying them by Amazon

On this platform you will find a wide variety of Savoy productsfrom the classic chocolate bars to the most exclusive ones such as Toronto and Samba. In addition, the best of Amazon is that it facilitates shipping to any part of the country.

Hand cheese

arepa with handmade cheese

The hand cheese is a type of fresh cheese original and produced in Venezuela.

Its origin dates back to the colonial timeswhen the Venezuelan Indians used ancestral techniques to produce this cheese, from raw cow's milk, whole or skimmed.

At Venezuelathe Hand Cheese is a fundamental ingredient in the gastronomy

It is mainly used to accompany arepas and cachapas. Although, it is also enjoyed alone, as a snack or appetizer, and can be incorporated into salads, empanadas and other recipes.

Where can I buy it?

Find hand cheese outside Venezuela can be challenging, but not impossible. 

In cities where the Venezuelan community is largerit is possible to find hand cheese at farmers markets o local stores specializing in handicraft products.

In some gourmet products online storesoffer a selection of artisan cheeses around the world, including the hand cheese.

Venezuelan rum

The Venezuelan rum is recognized worldwide for its quality and tasteand two of the most prestigious brands are Diplomático Rum and Santa Teresa Rum

These premium rums are the result of centuries of tradition, an ideal climate for growing sugar cane and a careful and detailed distillation process. 

Both rums not only represent the excellence of the Venezuelan distillery, but they have also won numerous international awards. And that has earned them the reputation of being of the best rums in the world.

How to find it?

One of the largest liquor store chains in the U.S., Total Wine & Moreoffers a wide selection of international rumsincluding Diplomático Rum and Santa Teresa Rum

Your extensive catalog and presence in multiple states make it an affordable and reliable option. 

Another option would be Drizlya online alcohol delivery store which offers a wide variety of rums and sends them directly to your home. 


Continuing with the popular venezuelan beverageswe have malt. A soft drink characterized by its sweet taste.

It is a refreshing beverage that has become an integral part of the Venezuelan culture.

Elaborated from barley malt, hops and waterThis drink has a unique flavor that combines notes of caramel and toast.

At Venezuela, malt is a tradition that accompanies family moments, sporting events and daily activities. 

Where can I find you?

Malt is an easy product to find, you can get it at stores specialized in Venezuelan or international products, like Bravo Supermarkets, Fiesta Mart and Sedano's.

Venezuelan coffee

venezuelan coffee

The Venezuelan coffee is distinguished by its exceptional quality, rich flavor and strong aroma.

Among the most revered brands are Café Fama de América and Café El Peñón. Two names that evoke decades of coffee growing tradition and are appreciated both in Venezuela as in the rest of Latin American countries.

Where can they be found?

In neighborhoods with large Venezuelan communitiesit is possible to find small stores that offer typical products, including Café Fama de America and El Peñón.

In addition, some stores specializing in Latin American products have an online presence, such as Amigo Foodswhich allows you to find those products that are not in physical stores.

The only thing is that the shipping costs can make products more expensive.


The dusty are traditional venezuelan cookiesrecognized for their soft and crumbly texture that melts in the mouth. 

These cookies are made with a base of butter, flour, sugar and a touch of cinnamon, which gives them their distinctive delicate flavor and tempting aroma.

Its name comes from the word "dust"referring to their texture that melts easily when bitten, creating a sandy and pleasant sensation on the palate.

The dusty are a traditional dessert which is usually prepared on special occasions, such as parties, family celebrations and Christmas. They are a perfect example of the Venezuelan homemade pastries.

Where to buy them?

Some latin pastries specialize in products from Venezuela and can offer fresh polvorosas and other traditional sweets

You'll have to see if where you live you have one nearby. But, in general, it's going to be one of the hardest products to find. 

Our advice is that you should try to cook them yourself. It is not a very complicated recipe and you can have a good time with your friends or family making it. 

In addition, the ingredients needed are quite easy to find and you can buy them in any supermarket.

Diablitos Underwood

Diablitos Underwood is an iconic product in the Venezuelan cultureknown for its distinctive red can with a little devil on the label. 

It is about canned porkspecifically a kind of deviled hamwhich is mixed with spices to create an unctuous paste with a spicy flavor. 

This canned meat is especially popular for preparing sandwiches and canapés.

Where can I buy it?

In any supermarket that offers international productsas H Mart and Global Foods Marketmay have Diablitos Underwood in its canned food section.

It is a fairly easy product to find, due to its popularity and wide variety of uses.


Cocosette is a flagship product of the Venezuelan pastriesknown and loved for its unmistakable combination of wafer cookies and coconut cream. 

Produced by Polar Companies under its brand of sweet products, Cocosette has been an essential part of the childhood and daily life of many Venezuelans since its launch. The crunchy texture of the wafer together with the creamy and aromatic coconut cream makes it a irresistible snack that satisfies both children and adults.

How can I find them?

Thanks to its wide range of latin american products, Bravo Supermarkets is a good place to find Cocosette.

And if you are living in Floridathe chain Sedano's specializes in latin products and you can find many stores throughout the state.


And finally, we have the Gustadine. A hot sauce versatile originally from Venezuelaknown for its ability to enhance the flavor of a wide variety of dishes. 

Made with a blend of hot peppers and other carefully selected ingredients, this sauce offers a perfect balance between flavor and spiciness, making it an indispensable ingredient in the Venezuelan cuisine.

Gustadine is appreciated not only for its intensity, but also for its versatility, as it can be used in a wide variety of dishes, from meat and seafood to vegetables and snacks.

Where to buy it?

Some stores of gourmet food and specialized in international products has a section dedicated to sauces and condiments. 

And in case you can't find it, you can always turn to Amazon.

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