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Very easy! You can request your remittance online by accessing our APP or our website, from a computer or from your cell phone. Our remittances will always arrive to the bank account of the person you want to receive the money.
From the state of Florida in the USA and from any country in Europe, UK and Schengen countries.

Our promise is that your beneficiary will ALWAYS receive the money in less than 24 business hours from the moment we receive your payment. This does not apply to weekends or holidays, since banking in Venezuela does not work.

In order for the Curiaras to arrive as quickly as possible, we recommend that you pay by credit card, debit card or, if you are in Spain, by Bizum, as it is immediate and has no costs for you.

The exchange rate varies daily.
At the time you order your remittance, we will indicate, for your approval, the applicable exchange rate and commission.

Curiara guarantees you the most competitive exchange rate in the market so that your family and relatives receive more money in their country.