Which European countries do not require visas for Venezuelans?

European countries that do not require visas from Venezuelans

En la actualidad, son muchos los países europeos que no piden visa a los venezolanos para poder entrar. Esta situación abre un abanico de posibilidades para aquellos que buscan explorar nuevos horizontes, ya sea por motivos de turismo, negocios, estudios o simplemente por el deseo de vivir una experiencia diferente. Lejos de ser un simple […]

How do I exchange my Venezuelan licence in Spain?

How to exchange your Venezuelan licence in Spain

Although it is currently not possible to exchange Venezuelan licences in Spain, as the DGT has stopped the existing agreement, don't worry! In this article we tell you how to get a valid driving licence. One of the most important aspects of integrating into a new society is mobility, and this [...]

How to legalise a Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain?

How to legalise a Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain

If you want to know how to legalise a Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain, but you don't understand what you have to do. Don't worry, in Curiara we accompany you in this process! Arriving in Spain is a big step towards fulfilling your dreams and making a better life for yourself, but it also means starting a journey full of [...]

How to apostille the Venezuelan bachelor's degree in Spain?

Apostilling your Venezuelan bachelor's degree in Spain is one of those essential procedures that you must do if you have decided to start a new life in this country. It is the finishing touch to your academic efforts, ensuring that every step you have taken has the necessary recognition. Failure to do so can be a real [...]

How to renew the Venezuelan passport in Spain?

How to renew the Venezuelan passport in Spain?

How to renew your Venezuelan passport in Spain may seem like a complex and tricky matter. However, there is no need to worry, we are here to make the process easier for you and give you some tips that will make the whole procedure easier. When you live in Spain, your Venezuelan passport becomes much more than just a [...]