How to send money to Venezuela from Florida, USA?

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Saber how to send money to Venezuela from Florida (United States) has become one of the main concerns of the Venezuelan community in this state. At a time when the Venezuelan community is growing in the United States, especially in Florida, the Venezuelan community has become one of the main concerns of the Venezuelan community in this state. sending money to Venezuela has become a fundamental resource for the economy.

There are more and more families in Venezuela who need this support from their family and friends in Florida. However, it is not so simple how to send money from Spain to Venezuela. In the United States, the complication is much greater.

The main reason is that several Venezuelan banks have been included in the list of sanctioned entities by the Venezuelan government. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This is due to the political tensions between the United States and Venezuela and makes the process more complex send remittances.

At this page The current limitations can be consulted in an updated manner (in English), since it is a very extensive list that changes over time.

However, there are legal options that we can use for send money to Venezuela from Florida. In this article we will review what these options are, what benefits and disadvantages they have, as well as other relevant aspects. Let's get started!

Financial entities

Bank buildings

Go to a bank and request a bank transfer to another bankis the first thing that may come to mind when you think of sending money.

However, is not an option that is available if you want to send money to Venezuela. from FloridaThe banks do not offer this service.

In addition, it should be noted that banks only operate on working days in VenezuelaTherefore, if it is a holiday or national holiday, we will not have the opportunity to access the money.

AdvantagesSafe and secure process

Inconveniences: Slow process and service not available if you want to send money to Venezuela

Specialized companies

Hand of bolivars

Another option for send money to Venezuela from Florida is to use specialized companies. These are companies that have a large number of branches in Florida, from which we can send money to another branch within Venezuela.

There are many examples, such as MoneyGramWestern Union o Ria Money Transferfor example. In fact, sometimes, there are other types of establishments that serve as branches of several companies at the same time and the person sending the remittance to VenezuelaChoose which one you want to use.

These companies specialize in the international remittancesnot only to Venezuela, but also to many other places in Latin America and the rest of the world.

In general, the delivery is fast, although it has the disadvantage of having to physically pick up the money. In a place with as much insecurity as our country has now, this can be problematic, especially if we do not have a branch too close to home.

On the other hand, it also plays against the amount of the commissionwhich can be high. It must be taken into account that these companies make a living from this, so they need high commissions to maintain themselves. In the end this reduces the amount of money that reaches our relatives.

Advantages: Wide network of establishments

Inconveniences: High commissions and the need to physically go to pick up the money



Another option for send money to Venezuela from Florida are the cryptocurrencies. This is a fairly fast and economical way, which has a lot of security due to its blockchain-based technology.

Depending on the cryptocurrency we can make instant transfers without the need for an intermediary bank. Options such as BitcoinEthereum o Tether are the most widely used, so they also have more options for intermediaries.

Its main advantage is that it is an immediate service, so the money will arrive immediately and without commissions.

However, all that glitters is not gold. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, which means that, in exchange, prices can vary enormously from one moment to the next. In other words, the dollars that we convert to cryptocurrency can significantly lose its value in a moment (or, hopefully, increase).

On the other hand, it is a complex technology that not everyone understands and knows how to use it. In many cases, our family members at home or we ourselves may not be familiar with it, so it would not make much sense to use it.

Advantages: It is fast and economical

Inconveniences: Complex operation and price volatility

Online money transfer platforms

Women with their mobile application

If you are still looking for how to send money to Venezuela from Floridawe bring you one more option. We are talking about the online money platforms. This type of platform allows the shipment to be made directly through the internet. In many cases, they also have a mobile application to make the process faster and easier.

If it is to be taken into account that in United States is a somewhat more complex process than in Europe, requiring our identification documents to be able to use it legally.

However, not all platforms work in Venezuela. Some of the most popular, such as Wiseare not available in our country. In addition, there are others that do not offer all the security guarantees or are not properly registered with the U.S. authorities.

In order to use them, it must first be ensured that operate in Venezuela and, secondly, that everything is in order at the legal level to avoid scams or frauds.

Advantages: Competitive rates and fast shipping

InconveniencesNot all of them are reliable or available in Venezuela.

Curiara: your best choice for sending money from Florida to Venezuela

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If you still haven't found your option for send remittances to Venezueladon't worry because we've saved the best for last!Curiara!

Curiara is a specialized money transfer platform in facilitating the remittances from Florida to Venezuela. Unlike other options, this is a project created by venezuelans for venezuelanswhich has specialized in the dollar shipments to Venezuela.

With a focus on comfort, safety and competitive rates, Curiara has become one of the most important favorite options for Venezuelansas attested by its hundreds of reviews.

In addition, it is a 100% platform legal and reliable. It is an application that complies with all Florida regulations and operates under the license of Money Service Business. Each transaction has a legal receipt and allows users to track the status of your shipment in real time through the platform.

In a matter of minutes users can register in the application and send the transfer. Within 24 hours the transfer arrives at the destination. And with the arrival of the new service Curiara Turboavailable as of May 1, 2024, will only take less than two hours, even on holidays and national holiday.

Curiara also stands out for its fixed, low-cost commission, regardless of the amount of the amount. Thus, it becomes a much more economical and efficient option.

In summary, there are different options for send money from the United States to VenezuelaThe choice is yours to make, adapting to the tastes and preferences of each person. We have already explained options, advantages and disadvantages, so that you are the one who chooses.

Among all of them, Curiara stands out for its ease of use, speed and security, uniting families from birth. Join our family! CuriaraWe are waiting for you with the best conditions!