Send money from Spain to Venezuela: options available

Send money from Spain to Venezuela: options available

Send money from Spain to Venezuela can be a complicated subject, we know. But don't worry, today we want to share with you some options to make it easier for you.

We know that leaving your loved ones at home was difficult, right? And we understand that sending remittances to Venezuela has become something more than sending money. It is a way to feel close to them, to show our love and support, and to contribute to the well-being of those we love the most.

Especially as things are not easy at home. A small contribution on our part can make a real differenceHow can we ensure that our gesture helps as much as possible? How do we make sure that our gesture helps as much as possible?

Regrettably, sending money from Spain to Venezuela is often not as simple as choosing the quantity and pressing a button. You have to take into account the day of the week, exchange rates, possible delays in delivery, the destination location, etc.

That's why we wanted to write this article and tell you about the different options available. to send money to Venezuela we can choose from. Their advantages, disadvantages and a few more details that we think might be super useful for you or someone you know.

International bank transfers: the classic


The international bank transfers is the most classic way of sending money to other countries. It's simple: money travels from one bank account to another, from the same or another bank.

In Spainall major banks offer this service. This is the safest way to date, following international legislation and with all the guarantees that the money will reach its destination.

What is the problem? You cannot use this service if you want to send money to Venezuela from Europe or the United States.. Therefore, it is no longer an available option.

It also has two major drawbacks for the remittances. Firstly, the process can take several days or even weeks. In other words, if we want to send the money in an emergency, it will not arrive in time.

Secondly, the bank takes a commission for the transfer. Compared to other options, this commission is very high, so that the bolivars that finally arrive in Venezuela are worth considerably less than the euros we have sent.

Advantages: It is safe and complies with international financial legislation.
Disadvantages: It is a slow (even weeks) and costly process.

Sending remittances with specialised companies: super convenient

Sending remittances

Another increasingly popular option is the sending remittances to Venezuela from Spain with a specialised company. This is companies with physical locationsThe latter is often shared with other options of their own competitors, where the interested party can bring his or her money.

They are common in businesses such as call shops, bureaux de change or foreign food shops. You can recognise them because they have stickers and signs of these money transfer companies on the outside. We are talking about options such as Western UnionMoneyGram Ria Moneyto give a few examples.

Not only money is sent from Spain to VenezuelaYou can also use their service to send to many other countries in Latin America and the rest of the world.

In destination countries, they work in the same way. That is, if we want to send euros to VenezuelaIf you do not have a bank branch, you will have to look for a business where you can exchange the money for the company. Even so, there are usually more options than bank branches, so it is a useful option in smaller towns.

It does require a bit of research on the part of our loved ones, who must have a nearby business that trades in just the brand we have used.

The service of these companies is good and fastWhile the exchange commissions are high. This means that, in practice, your loved ones will receive less money.

Another drawback is that you have to physically travel to pick it up. We know that, sadly, we do not come from the safest country in the world, and if the company is not nearby we can risk robbery.

Advantages: Wide availability of cash pick-up points and speedy deliveries
Disadvantages: High commission and transfer required

Online Money Transfer Platforms: Quick and Easy

Remittance platform

Our favourite option is the online money transfer platforms. They work very simply and there are options for all tastes. Simply enter the amount of money you want to send, check the exchange rate and click on the button.

In addition, the money will normally be available in the recipient's account within one working day.

Shipping is faster, exchange rates are more competitive, and there are even mobile applications to make the sending money from Spain to Venezuela simpler. So what is the problem?

Basically that not all options are reliable. While with a bank you know that the money will arrive 100% and that there won't be any problems, with these platforms you have to be careful in your selection.

In addition, some of the world's most important platforms, such as WiseThey do not offer this service in Venezuela. In other words, you will be able to send euros to other countries, but no to Venezuela.

There are also options that end up being scams or that may cause legal problems, not having the necessary legal permits required to operate in Spain. It is very important to make sure you use a legal platform in Spain, which complies with all the guarantees.

Advantages: Quick and easy to use.
Disadvantages: Informal options, not working with Venezuela or even scams.

Curiara: Safe, convenient, quick and easy!

Here we are

Aha... And now you're probably thinking that nothing convinces you. But don't be discouraged, because we've saved the best for last !Curiara!

This platform is designed to make it easier to sending remittances from Spain to Venezuelaand was created by Venezuelans for Venezuelans who have been in your shoes.

The application is quick and easy to usewith competitive exchange rates and a fixed fee regardless of the amount you send. In addition, we look after your money as if it were our own And that's not just us, it's certified by more than 874 reviews on Google.

We are a platform for sending money and we have mobile application both in Google Play as in the App Store. But don't worry, you can also operate directly on the web, you choose how to send your remittance!

Of course, everything is safe and we are a payment institution authorised by the Banco de Españaas you can see at the bottom of the website. All arranged to make you feel safe when making your shipments.

In addition, you can contact us by WhatsApp, we are available 24 hours a day for answer any questions o help you make your remittance. by the way, the first shipment is 100% free of chargeWhatever you send will arrive as is!

You know which is the best option for sending money from Spain to Venezuelabut we leave all of them to you so that it is, always, your decision! Because you don't have to be close to feel united. With Curiara, you will feel close to your loved ones.