How to legalise a Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain?

How to legalise a Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain

If you want to know how to legalise a Venezuelan birth certificate in Spainbut you don't understand what you have to do. Don't worry, in Curiara we accompany you in this process! 

Reaching Spain is a big step towards fulfilling your dreams and achieving a better life, but it also means starting on a path full of procedures and formalities

One of the most important is the legalisation of your birth certificateThe document opens the door to endless opportunities in your new life.

Imagine being able to study at the university of your dreams, apply for Spanish residency or even get married in this beautiful country, all of this is possible with your legalised birth certificate

This document will give you access to fundamental rights as the education, health, work and social integration.

Therefore, throughout this article, we will guide you step by step so that you can learn how to how to legalise your Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain easily and quickly.

Clearing up doubts: is it necessary to legalise or apostille the Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain?

legalising or apostilling the Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain

Do you need to use your Venezuelan birth certificate in SpainDon't complicate things! Forget about the legalisation and discover the apostillea simple and quick process that will allow you to use your document legally on Spanish territory.

The apostille is a stamp or annotation that is added to a foreign public document to validate its authenticity and make it valid in other countries. 

This eliminates the need for legalise the document through traditional diplomatic channels. This simplifies the process considerably.

In the case of the Venezuelan birth certificatethe apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature and validity of the documentmaking it valid for use in Spain.

Differences between apostilling and legalising a document

Legalise y apostille are two different processes for validate documents at the international level. But, each has a specific purpose.

On the one hand, the legalisation allows you to validate the authenticity of a document issued in a country, to be officially recognised in another country that is not a member of the Hague Convention.

Example: If you need to use a Venezuelan document in a country that is not a member of the Hague Conventionas CanadaYou may need to legalise it in order for it to be valid.

On the other hand, the apostille is a simplified procedure under the 1961 Hague Conventionwhich eliminates the need for full legalisation for public documents between member countries.

Example: For documents issued in a member country of the Hague Conventionas Venezuela and Spaincan be obtained by apostille instead of legalise the document

Key differences

Scope of application

  • The legalisation is more comprehensive and necessary to documents destined for countries outside the Hague Convention. 
  • The apostille applies specifically to documents between countries that are party to the Convention.


  • The legalisation usually involves more steps and can require visits to consulates or embassies. 
  • On the other hand, the apostille is a simpler and more straightforward process, available online in some countries.


  • Apostille is usually cheaper than legaliseas it involves less red tape and fees.

Fortunately, Spain and Venezuela are part of the 1961 Hague Conventionwhich means that it is not necessary to legalising your Venezuelan birth certificate for use in Spain. You will only need to have it apostilled.

How to legalise a Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain? Follow our steps

Steps to follow in order to legalise a Venezuelan birth certificate

As we have seen, the best way to make official your Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain is apostille it.

Here we explain how to do it step by step.

Step 1: Get your birth certificate

If you already have a copy of your birth certificateYou only need to check that everything is correct. 

But, if you don't already have it, you can get it by ordering help a family member or friend in Venezuela. They can go to the Civil Registry where your birth certificate was registered and request a certified copy. 

Or, on the other hand, you can hire an manager in Venezuela and have them carry out this procedure for you.

Step 2: Register and make an appointment

Once you have your birth certificateyou will have to register in the e-Legalisation and e-Apostille System from People's Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela.

Create an account if it is the first time you access or log in with your credentials. And, once inside the system, ask for a appointment to apostille the document. 

Step 3: Go to the appointment and make payment

On the assigned date, you will have to submit the original birth certificate at the relevant office. 

For this reason, it is highly recommended that before making an appointment, you look for the authorised offices and see which one is closest to you.

At the appointment, you must bring both the official birth certificate as a copy and pay the fees established for the apostille.

When you register for your appointment, you will be told both the time and date of your appointment.ropes you have to pay as the payment methods available. 

But, if you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact the Venezuelan consulate in Spain.

Step 4: Validation in Spain

Once apostilledthe birth certificate is automatically recognised in Spain thanks to the Hague Convention. You do not need to do any additional legalisation before the Spanish authorities.

And that's it! With these steps, your Venezuelan birth certificate will be ready and officially recognised in Spain.

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What if your child is already born in Spain? We explain the steps to follow

steps to follow if your child is already born in Spain

The birth of a child is a wonderful event that brings with it new responsibilities and obligations. 

Yes your child was born in SpainTheegalise your birth certificate for guarantee their rights and benefits both in Spain as in Venezuela.

This process may seem complex, but with the right information and by following the correct steps, you will be able to complete it efficiently and smoothly.

The following is a complete guide that will help you understand every step of the process of legalising the birth certificate of your child born in Spain:

Step 1: Register your birth

In the first 72 hours after birthyou must birth notification at Spanish Civil Registry

Remember that you will have to carry the birth certificate from the hospital, ID card or passport and family record book (if you have it).

With the above-mentioned documents, you will have to go to the Civil Registry to register your child.

A Spanish birth certificate and, if you don't have one, you will be given a Family Book.

Step 2: Register in the municipal register

After registering the birth of your child in the Civil Registrythe next step is to register it in the municipal register. 

This official procedure gives your little one the right to resident status in your municipalityThe new law, which allows it to access a wide range of essential public services, such as education and health.

This is done in the local councilwhere you must bring the baby's birth certificateas well as the identity documents (ID card or passport) of both parents. 

You will also need a cProof of your current residencesuch as a rental agreement or the property deed.

Once registered in the municipal registeryou can apply for the baby's health card at the relevant health centre. 

This card is important so that you can receive medical care when necessary.

Step 3: Register your birth at the Venezuelan Consulate in Spain

To ensure that the child has the Venezuelan nationalityIf the birth of the child is not registered, the child's birth must be registered in the Venezuelan Consulate in Spain

To do so, you will need to bring your Spanish birth certificatewhich must be apostilled. You will also need the Venezuelan passport and, in the event that you are married, the marriage certificate. 

In addition, you should bring two adults to serve as witnesses and that they have identification.

Step 4: Obtain your Venezuelan passport

Once you have your Venezuelan birth certificateyou can apply for your Venezuelan passport at the consulate. 

If you want to know what the process is like, see our article on how to renewar the Venezuelan passport in Spain we tell you all about it.

Curiara, together at every step

Curiara together at every step

At Curiara, we understand the emotional complexity and the challenges involved legalise a Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain. 

Being away from home and navigating bureaucratic red tape can be overwhelming. 

We sympathise with you and want to offer you our support throughout the process. That is why we offer you this basic guide on how to legalise a Venezuelan birth certificate in Spain, which we hope will be of great help.

And, in case you need to send money to your relatives in Venezuelain Curiara we offer you an alternative so that you can do it in a more efficient way. fast and safe.

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