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Frequently asked questions and answers

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How do I register?

In order to start using Curiara, you must register in the Register section.

  1. Complete the basic information we ask you to fill in, you can do it from the web or from our app. You will only have to do this process once. It is very simple and will take less than a minute.
  2. Confirm your registration. You will receive an SMS on your cell phone with a PIN number with which you can confirm your registration.

Congratulations! You are already our customer!

Which identity documents are valid for registration?

Valid identity documents for registration are:

“Driver’s license

“Employment authorization card


“Resident alien card”

“Temporary resident card

Do I have to register every time I submit a Curiara?

No. The registration process is done only once.

Can I register with my Venezuelan identity card?

No. The Venezuelan identity card is not a valid document for registration.

How can I send a shipment?

Very easy! You can request your remittance online by accessing our APP or our website, from a computer or from your cell phone. Our remittances will always arrive to the bank account of the person you want to receive the money.

How do I register the beneficiary?

You must register the person who will receive the remittance, providing their data on the platform including full name, national identification number, bank and bank account number, your relationship with them and the reason for the remittance. The beneficiary is registered in the platform to facilitate future shipments.

From which countries can I make remittances?

Currently, from any country in Europe, UK, Schengen countries and the State of Florida in the United States. Very soon we will open all USA.



How long will it take for my beneficiary to receive the money?

Our promise is that your beneficiary will ALWAYS receive the money within 24 business hours from the time we receive your payment.

In which banks in Venezuela do we pay your remittance?

100% Bank



Active Bank

Bicentennial Bank

Caroni Bank

Banco de Venezuela

Treasury Bank

Foreign Bank

Banco Mercantil

Banco Nacional de Crédito BNC

Plaza Bank

Sofitasa Bank

Banco Venezolano de Crédito





BBVA Provincial

BFC Banco Fondo Común

Citibank Venezuela Branch


My Bank

Does Curiara issue a receipt for the remittance?

Yes. We issue a receipt. This receipt is valid for your legal procedures including family reunification.

Can I send money to legal entities in Venezuela?

We are not yet able to provide remittance services to legal entities. However, we are working to be able to offer it very soon.

We suggest you send a remittance to a natural person and have that person make the payment in Venezuela.

What happens if I have an expired ID card?

If you have an expired ID card, the page will display the restriction message 1215.

Understanding the difficulty with the resolution times of procedures in Venezuela and with the intention of supporting you, you can send us a valid identity document, the renewal appointment of the expired document or the receipt that proves that you are in the process of renewal.

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay your remittance using your debit card.

Can I deposit cash to Curiara?

No. We cannot receive cash. You must pay with your debit card.

Where does the recipient receive the money?

You receive it directly into your bank account.


Can I send money to be withdrawn in cash?

No. We only ship to bank accounts.

Why won't you let me upload my beneficiary's ID?

Sometimes, the browser of your cell phone or computer has information stored in the cache, which does not allow you to fill in some forms. In this case, we recommend that you close the browser completely and reopen it, re-login to Curiara and try again. The field is filled with numbers only, no dots or blanks.

If you are on mobile, we encourage you to try it on a computer.

If the problem persists, please send us the beneficiary’s data in this way, and we will upload it to your file from our backoffice. It will be saved for future transactions.

What do I do if I did not include the transaction number in the concept of my payment?

Our verification consists of two steps:

  • Verification of the concept of each payment
  • We verify the holder of the bank account sending the funds.

In this way, we ensure that, in the event of this type of human error, we have a double validation factor.

Can I send remittances from a joint account?

Yes. You can send remittances from a joint account. However, it is necessary that you send us some proof or account statement for verification.

What is the Invite a Friend program?

Invite a Friend is our Curiara referral program.

For each friend you refer who signs up and sends a Curiara, you earn $20. Five friends: $100. It’s that easy!

And each of the friends you invite, when they sign up, we will give them $10 to send their first remittance, which is always free (no commission).

Everybody wins!

✔️You earn $20 per registered friend who has sent a shipment.

✔️Your friend earns $10 and best of all, from now on, he will send his remittances safer, faster and with the best rate guaranteed.

Can my friends be Curiara customers?

No. Your friends cannot be Curiara customers. They must be first-time registrants.

How do I start inviting friends?

In order to start inviting friends, you must be a Curiara customer.


And where do you get that link from?

If you access Curiara through the APP, select the 🎁 gift box. You can invite them by WhatsApp, email, SMS or by copying your personalized link.

If you access Curiara through the web, select “Invite Friends” from the menu. You can invite them by email or by copying your personalized link.

ATTENTION: Your friends cannot be Curiara customers. They must be first-time registrants.

How do I know how much my beneficiary will receive?

By logging into the platform and clicking on the calculator, you can find out how much the final beneficiary will receive and what your cost including commission would be. Using the calculator is very easy!

  • Choose the country to which you want to send your remittance.
  • Enter the dollar amount you wish to send.
  • Press the “calculate” key and the platform will give you the amount the beneficiary will receive, based on the rate of the day.
What time do you update the rate?

The rate change does not have a specific time and depends on how the exchange market fluctuates.

For the time being, we invite you to activate notifications so that you can be informed of our updates.

The rate is always published on our website, in stories and highlights on our instagram @enviatucuriara and on our twitter @enviatucuriara.

What is the commission?

The commission is $3.95 per remittance.

Is the commission fixed or does it vary with the amount sent?

The commission is fixed.

How secure is my transaction?

Your transfer is totally secure. Curiara uses the most innovative technology to ensure that your transactions reach their destination 100% reliably. You can track it from its origin to its destination.




What does WBS mean?

PEP stands for Politically Exposed Persons. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) defines a Politically Exposed Person as one who is or has been entrusted with a prominent public function.



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